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Gypsum concrete installation for fire and sound ratings in wood frame multi-family and hotels.

Sound attenuation mat installation under resilient finish floors for sound rating compliance.

Resurfacing of concrete finished floors – Concrete repair for commercial upfit – Floor topping for radiant heat installation

Eleavted lightweight concrete installation at wood frame breezeways and balconies with positive drainage waterproofing system.

Waterproof pedestrian traffic coating over elevated decks.


Today our underlayments are an integral component of over 100 UL-rated floor/ceiling assemblies with one to four hour fire ratings...

Sound Attenuating

The silence is golden when the gypsum concrete is used with Floor Underlayment achieving sound reduction in the lightweight structures...

Self Leveling

Our leveling products require minimal water to achieve excellent flow and are unsurpassed in quality and ease in application....

We Are Green!

Sound Floors has an ongoing commitment to our environment. We have been using recycled content...

Resurfacing & Repair

Re-use. Recycle. Words that we use as a call to action to make what’s old new again....

Radiant Floor

On a chilly winter morning, what better way to start the day then stepping down onto a nice, toasty warm floor?


Hacker Floor Underlayments don't need to throw their weight around to be recognized as the best...

Quick Drying

Sound Floors Underlayments never leave you hanging out to dry...

High Performance

High Performance sound control solutions are easily attainable with Sound Floors...

Low Profile

To address high frequency noise, we like to stay low....

Extends Working Time

Your adhesive quitting time has just been postponed...

Abrasion Resistant

We know how important it is not to rub your underlayment the wrong way...

High Strength

ur full line of FIRM-FILL Brand Gypsum Concretes meet virtually any project specification, with impressive compressive strengths